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Lashinda Demus

Imperfections: Just Part of the Game

  Drake Relays was an eye-opener for me. An injury dominated my past couple of years, but finally I am healthy, and training has been going really well, better than it’s gone in a long time. So I was ready for Drake to be the meet where I could showcase my hard work and why… [read more]

Unplanned Pregnancy

Out of despair, HOPE: a story of an unplanned pregnancy

  In the fall of 2006, I had just moved into this BIG house in South Carolina and was doing really well. I had ended the season ranked #1 in the world and was poised to win gold at the World Championships the following year. I was making good money. My body was fit and… [read more]

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GO Woman GO! Pursuing your Career

Mental Toughness: How to Handle Pain and Stress

How to Handle Pain (and Stress)

Ever since I starting running track at 5 years old, pain has accompanied me in my training and my competitions. So I decided at an early age that: Pain is something that I can’t avoid. I am capable of overcoming it. A lot of people think that the best athletes have a “high pain tolerance” in that they… [read more]

2014 Highest Paid Female Athletes

The World’s Highest-Paid Female Athletes

Last week, Forbes Magazine released the list of the Top 10 World’s Highest-Paid Female Athletes in 2014. This list includes prize money AND endorsements, so it is a true top-ten list. It goes as follows: 2014 Top 10 Highest Paid Female Athletes Maria Sharapova, Russia (Tennis) Salary/Winnings: $2.4 million Endorsements: $22 million Total: $24 million Li… [read more]

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Spotlight on our Future

Getting into college - applications and admissions process

Getting into your dream college isn’t just about your grades

I had high aspirations as a high schooler and was determined to do whatever it would take to reach my goals. My dream schools were UCLA and USC, two very competitive and prestigious universities that were right in my own backyard in Los Angeles. I listened to the advice I was given and took honors and… [read more]

South Carolina Women's Track and Field Champions 2002

How to Choose the Right College as a High School Recruit

I started receiving letters from colleges my freshman year in high school. There was even one coach that called me early out of excitement, and then out of honesty turned themselves in. Once my junior year came around and it became legal to call me, the calls were pretty steady. I took three “official visit”… [read more]

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GO Mommy GO! Modern Day Motherhood

Why I Hired a Life Coach

Please Support the Lashinda Demus Foundation

I’ve been a professional track and field athlete for ten years now. It wasn’t until having my twin sons that I realized how important it is to give back to the community and also to set an example of promoting and participating in philanthrophy, which I believe we are all obligated to do, no matter to what… [read more]

Should I send my kids to Public School or Private School

The Great Dilemma: Public Schools vs Private Schools

The twins are on a swim team that practices at a private Jewish school in town. Of course, we parents have lots of different conversations while watching our kids practice together. One of the topics that came up the other day is whether to send children to public or private school. Most of these parents either… [read more]

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Inspiring Words:

The difference between all humans walking around on this earth is our thoughts and beliefs about life

"The difference between all humans walking around on this earth is our thoughts and beliefs about … [read more]

Inspirational Quotes: Motherhood

  "These two faces are the number one reason why I WILL." - Lashinda Demus (more in … [read more]

Inspirational Quotes: Role Models

  "I look at my sons' little faces, and I want to be their superhero. I don’t want them to … [read more]

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